Hay Fever

Tickly air Рand fertile,
Elongated perianth and bract.
The pollen passes smoothly through the style.

The pollen goes a country mile,
The ovum and the pollen interact –
Prickly air. And fertile

Spanish fruits, plucked meanwhile,
Are plump to bursting, thirstily attacked.
The pollen passes sweetly through the style.

Blood red stains the cotton carelessly defiled,
Grass bleached yellow, soil grey and cracked,
From sticky air – and fertile.

Pins and needles, heat stroked to simmering denial,
Dappled shades of happiness and black.
The pollen, slowly as the dial, tickles: a delightful trial.

Stings but brings a smile.
Elongated perianth attracts.
Sultry air – and fertile,
The pollen passes smoothly through the style.