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Welcome, Thank you for visiting my gallery.

As it says on the homepage,

‘Axletree is the project of student of art and philosphy Alexander Westmacott, exploring traditional agriculture and rural ways of life through art, with the aim of increasing human and environmental wellbeing.’

The project is founded on a few key ideas:

a) Art and agriculture have for long ages been entwined in an intimate, though often tumultuous relationship.

b) Thinking about how to conduct agriculture is more important now than ever, in the light of globalization, starvation, and environmental degradation.

c) Art has the potential to shed light on agriculture which other forms of inquiry – such as natural science and political debate – do not. Each form of inquiry is necessary for a fully rounded discussion to occur. In particular art can illuminate the cultural and spiritual elements of farming, over and above it’s utilitarian functions of food and resource production.IMG-20160524-WA0000 Sonja hands small

I am also currently conducting a PhD into the relationship between the twin practices of art and agriculture, drawing principally from philosophy, history, economics, and my own life experiences, and I have recently taken up a university lecturing position at an agricultural college. My family have been both artists and farmers for many generations, and I spent time living on a farm when I was growing up, and have continued living and worked on farms of different sizes, scales and forms in my adult life.


If you have any comments or thoughts around these topics, do please feel free to contact me, you can reach me at contact [at] axletreewood [dot] com.

Finally, if you’d like to be kept up to date on new work, you can join the mailing list by entering your email address in the box in the right hand column.

[The Painting above: Hands, Sonja Molina Garcia]